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The demand for medical devices is increasing worldwide, and manufacturers are facing challenges in delivering innovative, timely, and compliant products consistently. This makes it imperative for them to look for medical device design and development solutions that are accurate, secure, and cost-effective. As a recognized leader in delivering end-to-end engineering, manufacturing, and data analytics solutions, Cyient can bring these goals to reality.

We understand the challenges that face the industry—ever-shifting regulatory environments, adjusting to emerging markets and other economies, and mounting R&D and manufacturing costs. Cyient can partner with you at every stage—design, build, and maintain—to develop life-saving medical equipment so that you stay ahead of the ever-expanding competition. Our core capabilities allow us to deliver expertise spanning the medical device life cycle. ISO 13485 certified for both design and manufacturing, we provide solutions customized to your needs and are experienced in multiple Medtech industry segments with a focus on diagnostic imaging, in-vitro diagnostics, and cardiology.

We help manufacturers operate smarter in several ways. One of the examples is where we implemented modular control for a series of product lines to enhance the product. We then standardized the bill of materials (BOM) using value engineering techniques. This helped achieve a better end-result and reduce costs by 50%. Cyient also helps reduce the client’s time-to-market up to 25 percent, translating into a quicker realization of ROI.

Review our Resource Center section to learn more about our complete medical device engineering solutions and examples of our expertise.

Data analytics solutions: Optimize medical equipment and device reliability to drive superior healthcare outcomes

We help healthcare organizations build business intelligence and drive innovation through the effective use of advanced analytics and big data. Whether it involves analyzing sensor data to estimate the health or life of the devices, or analyzing sensor data from medical equipment and devices, our predictive analytics solutions allow you to deploy proactive maintenance to streamline service operations for better asset reliability.

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