Life at Cyient

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We believe in building a collaborative and fun environment, where we not only strive for excellence but participate in various celebrations, team activities, sporting events and fine-art contests. There will be several opportunities throughout the year for you to exhibit your skills and talent through various activities. At Cyient, we also promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle through workshops and talks at our campuses.

We strongly believe in two-way dialog and have various mechanisms to receive your feedback and keep you updated with the latest at Cyient. Our yearly associate satisfaction surveys help capture your inputs on how to make Cyient a better place to work. We also hold town hall meetings and offer an intranet portal to communicate the latest news. Our blogging and other informal programs are designed to make your day at work fun and rewarding.

Giving back to the community is a crucial element of Cyient life. Firm in our belief that education is the path to the future, we have adopted 13 government schools in India as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program. We support over 7,000 children from pre-primary to high school, and more than 10,000 children have benefited from our program.